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Chris and Stuart David I think.

Okay well at the moment there are seven 
people in the band. This is, of course, 
following the departure of Stuart David,
bass guitarist, to follow his own side 
project the Loopers. However, up until
early last year, all recordings include him.

Stuart Murdoch- usually referred to as "the
                front man" which basically 
                means guitar and vocals.
                DOB: 25th August 1968

Isobel Campbell- Cello and vocals
                 DOB: 27th August 1976
Richard Colburn- Drums 
                 DOB: 25th July 1970

Mick Cooke- Trumpet and a bit of guitar apparently,
            although that was news to me.
            DOB: 15th December 1973

Chris Geddes- Keyboard
              DOB: 2nd October 1975

Stevie Jackson- Guitar and vocals
                16th January 1969

Sarah Martin: Violin and recorder.
              DOB: 12th February 1974 

Isobel getting in touch with her feline side.

Stuart... rowr.