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Belle and Sebastian

You know you're listening to a Belle and Sebastian song as soon as you hear one. Whether "make a new cult every day to suit your affairs" or "on a bustop in the town 'we rule the school'" there's alway a combination of singing and songwriting that makes each song distinctively beautiful. Okay, I think I'm getting a bit carried away, and for those of you who've come here purely because you love Belle and Sebastian as much as I do, there's no need to try and convert you. This site is still very much under construction and any A HREF="">input would be very welcome. The picture of the lovely Stuart you see on the left comes courtesy of another site (and a good one too). The owner of the site said that the photos could be used with her permission but the email address I had didn't work so if she's looking at this page thinking I stole her pictures, please contact me.

For a closer look at the band, plus a few 
photos, have a look here. 

This is a (hopefully) petty decent collection
of articles/interviews (and one comic strip)
... no, no I haven't put myself out copying 
them out and dangerously infringing who knows 
how many copyright laws but these are mostly 
just links to places where these gems already
appear. Anyway, read on...

The Story Of Sebastian, 1996 (part of the Tigermilk press release) 
Melody Maker, 9th November 1996 
New Musical Express, 23rd November 1996, "Lord of the Strings" 
The Face, April 1997, "Folk implosion" 
Melody Maker, 17th May 1997, "Sound as a belle" 
Melody Maker, 2nd August 1997, "trop belle pour toi!!" 
Melody Maker, 9th August 1997, "mr agreeable" 
New Musical Express, 1st November 1997 

Lost the cover jackets or too tight-arsed to
buy an original? Then you'll be grateful for
these lyrics to Belle and Sebastian records.
Sorry I've only got three CDs up so far.

Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant. 
If you're feeling sinister