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This is the third story of the Jerusalem man and it pulls 
no punches. From the attention-grabbing beginning and the 
sight of the familiar character, Jon Shannow, it appears 
to be an enjoyable- but not surprising- tying up conclusion 
to the other two books in which all those nasty little 
loose ends are firmly secured.

But Bloodstone raises more questions than it answers. Like 
all the Shannow books it has an element of Science in it,
mixed deliciously with magic and blended so carefully that
it is sometimes hard to distinguish between them. 

And it ends with an amazing finale that, in my opinion, comes 
darn close to the King Beyond the Gate as the best epilogue.

This is an amazing book and one of Gemmell's deepest works.
Is Jon SHannow, aso ne reader described "the epitome of men
like Ayatollah Khomeini" or is he, in Gemmell's words, "a
flawed man in a flawed world." 

Read this book and decide for yourself.