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Okay, basically the contest is open to ANYONE who wants to take part 
and is essentially run off this page by me- but if you have a Gemmell 
webpage and want to post this informationon there, just cut and paste 
it, preferably with a link here. These are the basic rules:


1. Story must be fantasy or sci-fi based.

2. Between 1500 and 5000 words with a margin of about 100. (This
is only a loose guide- the IDEAl length. Unless stories are extremely 
long or extremely short, they will be accepted.

3. Judges will be independent; they may not enter a story. The Judging
will consist of three people who will independently rate the books 
before consultation with other two judges.

4. Stories must contain original characters and worlds.

5. Stories are due in by the 31st of October, to be sent to:

6. Notification will be sent on receiving each story. If notification
does not arrive before November 10th, please contact me.

7. All stories must be previously unpublished works. They will be 
available for reading on the web unless specfically withheld by the 

8. No entrant may have:
a)a predisposition to murderous rages when disappointed.
b)been convicted of plundering and/or pillaging.
c)an absolute talentless brain no more suited to writing than a dead 

Any queries, questions... how many other words you can think of for 
queries... email me with them.