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Ghost   King

The first book of the Spistrassi and the pair to its sequel "Last
Sword of Power" "Ghost King" is a somewhat controversial book. 
Having loose Arthurian origins that become somewhat more prominant 
as the story progresses, some Arthurian buffs have criticised it as
straying too far from the legends. However, "Ghost King" does not 
attempt to be historical fact, and no knowlege of any myths or legends
is necessary to enjoy this tremendous tale. 

A story of young love, betrayal and adventure I believe this to be
as har-hittingly fantastic as all of Gemmell's other works. All the
characters are multi-dimensional and this, along with its sequel, is
one of Gemmell's most mature works.

Can the mist warrior kill the woman he knows to be evil but loves 
anyway? Can a young boy, weak in the body, become king? Can Thuro
find his way back to his own world?

I challenge anyone to read it with an open mind and not feel stirred.
For i think it is impossible.