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The Jon Shannow Story: what does Gemmell have to say about this remarkable character
The Big Questions: David Gemmell answers 25 questions
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A collection of all the David Gemmell interviews 
I've been able to find on the net. Thanks so much
to the people who let me set up links to their
pages (you know who you are). If anyone
knows of any more, please let me know. interview, 2000
Passion and Heart, 1998 
'Riding out on a Steady Horse'
GM Games Master Magazine
Stan Nicholls reflects...
Orbit book interview
'Nobody gets out of this life alive'

You'll have to scroll down a bit to reach the DRIN
interviews, as they appear as part of the DelRey
newsletter. Incidentaly, why not check out the
DelRey David Gemmell page.

If anyone finds a ew interview I don't have on here, please,
PLEASE let me know.