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The   King   Beyond   the   Gate

The Second book in the Drenai series focuses on a young 'half-breed'
boy. Half-Nadir, Half-Drenai he battles not only with the scorn of 
his Drenai 'fellow' soldiers, but with his own confusion about his 
identity and who 'his people' really are.

Despite sounding as though it could become trite, this story is 
amazingly well crafted and drains the reader physically because of 
the compelling nature of three characters especially- Ananais, 
Decado and Tenaka Khan; gold, ice and shadow. But as with every 
Gemmell novel the minor characters recieve just as much attention, 
whether it be Scaler whose lack of battle expertise is only matched
by his climbing skills; Pagan who was once a king, or the beautiful
but deceptively wild Renya, each character is guaranteed to serve
their role.

This book gives the entire Drenai saga more depth, changing the 
perception of the reader- as Gemmell is known for doing- by giving a 
more Nadir perspective on things... very effectively ensuring that the
line between good and evil is as grey as ever.

This has to be one of Gemmell's best drenai books and one of his best books
overall as well. Every part of this book delivers with astonishing 
brilliance and the end is particularly rewarding. Absolutely brilliant
and a definite 'must read.'