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Last   Sword   of   Power

The Great Betrayal: How could a friend betray another?  How could a 
wife betray her husband? TO whom does the blame lie, and how will
this tagedy affectt he dynamics between three former friends and 
a growing nation that depends on its King?

These are the questions at the core of Last Sword of Power, the sequel
to the excellent Ghost King. The book is marked by an unspoken 
betrayal which is not at first voiced, but slowly becomes apparent 
as the book develops. 

There are many excellent scenes in this book to wrench the emotions of 
the reader and as always, many memorable characters; the outwardly
strong but inwardly confused Culain who chose reality over immortality
and the woman he loves; Uther, a confused and embitterd King who 
fights battle after battle but can never win back what he lost;the 
witch queen, Gorien, who dances with evil but who has never forgotten
the man she loves.

A mature book which can be enjoyed on many different levels and is 
a worthy companion to Ghost King. Far more complicated than good and
evil, Last Sword of POwer is an indepth look into the hearts of its
characters and discovers their multi-dimensional nature.