"One of my latest sensations was 
       going one day to Lady Airlie's 
       to hear Browning read his own 
       poems-with the comfort of finding
       that, at least, if you don't 
       understand them, he himself 
       apparently understands them even 
       less. he reads them as if he hated 
       them and would like to bite them 
       to pieces."(Henry James)

Let me first say that I really hate people who quote
quotes all the time. I saw a preview for that shit movie
"Finding Forrester" (Connery, where did you go wrong?) 
and it involves the main kid (kid my arse, 28 if he's a 
day) proving his genius by recognising quotes from Twain,
Kipling etc. What a piece of shit is man.. rips farquar mate,
who cares how many quotes you can remember- who cares if
you've actually gotten past page ten of "Ulysses" without
slitting your wrists- You don't need to digest James Joyce
to be intelligent.

In spite of what I've written above, I've got a damned quote
sitting right at the top of the page and my room is covered
with quotes, poem and extracts from my favourite books. Does
this make me a hypocrite? Well I AM a hypocrite- i have eaten
yogurt straight from the tub and turned into the ape from the
Rue Morgue when my brother did the same. And despite what I'm
sure some people think I'm not a pretensious twat- well, not
most of the time. My Mum has been known to ask me what exactly
I have in common with my friends- they don't really share my
taste in books, music or movies but what the hell. Books are MY
thing- i don't really enjoy talking about them to the dicks who
ponce about the English department with a copy of "Hard Times"
under one arm. I really couldn't give a shit if my friends
never read a single book from this day on. I'm rambling, damnit 
I'm rambling and I haven't even gotten past the books thing.
So I'l summarise and just do a quick list of a few favourites;
Heart of Darkness, The GReat Gatsby, The Luneurg Variation,
The End of the Affair, The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Enduring 
Love,... and that's all I have for now...

I love Belle and Sebastian... um, yeah they're a pretty unknown
Scottish band. I got hooked on them last year and became pretty
... well, obsessed, for awhile, but I'm working through it...
My musical tastes change all the time but at the moment the CDs
most likely to be in my CD player would be... Dandy Warhols,
The Smiths, Phoenix, Mercury Rev, Simon and Garfunkel, Sonic 
Youth, Elliot Smith... Fine stuff. I never used to be into music
much until year 12 or so, which is when I got my teeth into B&S
(the BAND) but now It seems I never have enough money to buy (or
even burn) the CDs I want- I guess a woolies salary just doesn't
cut it any more. 

Movies/TV... Hmm, a quick list of both in no particular order:
Withnail and I, Shallow Grave, Blackadder, Seinfeld, Buffy(my
integrity goes down the drain),The Great Escape, Ferris Bueller's 
Day Off, The Princess Bride, Ladyhawk, Jonathan Creek, Daria, 
Apocalypse Now...

I like CATS and DOGS and ANIMALS in general... i like MONEY
OUT but not dancing, BEING IN LOVE, but not SERIOUS UNREQUITED 
RUNNING, but not having to strip down to those little runners
shorts or the ache the next day.

So this is meant to be a summary of me and If you've read this
far you must be really very very bored- which would match me 
well. My throat is still feeling like shit and I'm getting 
family dodgy weak spells i'd just love to chalk up to Scarlet
Fever- I have a mossie bite on my arms that COULD be a deady
rash (easy tiger) but- depressingly- i may well be at work
tomorrow... oh the horror, the horror... 

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