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How much do you know about David Gemmell? Perhaps 
you've been scouring the net for weeks and now 
know his history as well as anyone. If not, then
maybe you should find out a little.

gemmell   news


Ravenheart, the newest Rigante book, is out and about. The sequel, no idea of a release date yet, is tentatively titled 'Stormrider.' Mr Gemmell is doing book signings in the UK at the following locations: APRIL Wed 4th: 12 noon- Barretts Bookstore, St Neots 7:00 pm - Ottakars, Norwich Thur 5th: 6:30 pm - Hammicks, Stockport Fri 6th: 1:00 pm - Paperback Exchange, Coventry Mon 9th: 7:00 pm - Borders, Glasgow Tues 10th: 12:30 pm - Waterstones,Dundee 6:30 pm - Waterstones, East End, Edinburgh Wed 11th: 6:30 pm - Waterstones, Newcastle Sat 21st: 12:30 pm - Forbidden Planet, London

***OLD NEWS***

Gemmell is currently working on a new set of non-fantasy novels, based around a female detective constable and is working with police detectives at the moment. Seems likely they'll be published under his pen name Ross Harding. Ravenheart, the third Rigante book, following on from the well-recieved Sword in the Storm and Midnight Falcon is due out in March 2001. Set 800 years after Midnight Falcon, the rigante are apparently sporting firearms. We can only wait...

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Below are the places where you can
find David Gemmell Interviews,
Q and A sessions, the Jon Shannow
forewords and Reviews by myself and
other readers. Hope you enjoy it all.

The Interviews

If anyone knows of other interviews not appearing here, please let me know.

The Big Questions: the first 25

These were the first 25 questions sent to David Gemmell by the Gemmell list group.

The NEW Big Questions: the next 20

This is the second set of questions (this time 20) that David Gemmell answered from the group. (Our thanks once again, Mr Gemmell.)

The Jon Shannow story

Read the books and want to know more about this character? Even if you haven't read the Jon Shannow books, these inciteful forewords by David Gemmell will grab your interest. As a warning though, the second and third entries may provide small spoilers for the second and third books.


Some reviews of some of the great books David Gemmell's written. If you want to see your own review up here, then just send it to me.


If you want to leave a message for myself or any other Gemmell fans, or just tell the world why you read Gemmell, then sign the guestbook. Why not discuss Gemmell with other fans from around the word? Join the Gemmell mailing list. To visit other Gemmell pages on the net, take a look at the links page and if you'd like your fan site to be added to the links page, then send me your page address.