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May 18th, 2001

Well this is... the beginning of the end. I am now
one of those who officially "have a homepage." I'd
like to blame the delerium of my weakened state but
I'm not sure that's going to cut it... I'm also not
sure that's how you spell delirium. My weakened state?
Let me explain. I'm usually a pretty healthy person
- depressingly so- I don't even suffer from
day-before-a-huge-assignment-is-due sickness like so
many of my friends.  But for the last two days I've
been curled up in a bed full of towels and poodles 
while my loving parents scare the shit out of me by
speculating on my condition.

ANyway, I'm convinced I have scarlet fever, because 
when I was little I read this great book "The Velveteen 
Rabbit" by someone whose name began with an M... or 
an R... anyway, in the book this cute little kid 
gets scarlet fever and all his stuff has to be
disinfected or something... the upshot being that his
velveteen toy bunny has to be burnt. It really was a 
great book- the large print and colourful pictures
a great plus and the point being that I've always 
looked upon scarlet fever as a very tragic sort of
disease,which- I feel- suits me rather well.

This is meant to be my 'welcome to my homepage' kind
of a message but I'm not sure it's turning out so 
brilliantly. For a start, I'm so computer illiterate 
that I'm using one of this dinky programs that turns 
simple print into html, so I really don't deserve to 
have a homepage at all. Secondly, the last person I
knew who had a homepage... well, let's just say that
it didn't make me think any more of him... no, screw
that, let's just say he was a wanker.

Well, well, well, I just love getting emails from
strangers who have nothing better to do than looking
at other strangers' websites so send me mail if you 
like and I might even read it. 

Too lazy to get off the computer? Just look at these classy classy links:

More Poe poetry than you can poke a stick at. 

A while ago I developed a mild obsession with a cartoon series 
(shut up) called Daria. Around about the time my family started calling me Daria (you'll be paying my therapy bills you bastards)
I stumbled on these transscripts of the first two series. The "owner" (and I use the term loosely) refuses to update the 
transcripts but what can you do? Still, for a taste of Daria, click here. 

Too tight-arsed to go to a bookstore or buy a library card? Bat on, I say... 

If you're as wild as I feel on Firday and Staurday nights you'll
be wondering what's on rage- and now you don't have to sit through three hours of crap just to see Courntey croon out "horse
pills (am i swooning? 

Shut up you bastards- this IS interesting... 
okay, well yeah this link caters for about two percent of the under 25s population but really, who ISN'T interested in the 
French revolution? 

So that Medieval history unit might have been a piece of shit 
(rivaled by philosophy 115 i think we'd all agree) but at least I came out of it with an unhealthy obsession about